We're Reimagining The Future of Health, Wellness, and Sustainability

Our Mission

We work towards the vision of ensuring access to real, whole foods that both improve human health and reduce our environmental footprint. We don’t want to be just another food delivery startup or meal-kit company.

Our focus is on the health and happiness of our customers and we want to leverage innovation and technology to revolutionize how fresh, nutritious, high-quality food is purchased, manufactured, and delivered at scale to help make convenient access to healthy, plant-forward food a reality.

We're focused on making it easy for everyone to get and stay healthy while improving the sustainability of our food system.

Life at Thistle

“Life here is slightly spontaneous, very unique, and challenging in a way that makes you think critically which allows you to bring more to the table.”

- Naiha, Culinary Product Developer

“I feel very inspired to work at Thistle knowing that our efforts are providing opportunities for people to eat environmentally sustainable and healthy food.“

- Dip Dhanesha, Software Engineer

“At Thistle, I feel like all voices are truly valued and we’re encouraged to bring our own creativity and perspectives to problem-solving. The authenticity of our mission and values keeps me excited to show up and work alongside my teammates every day.“

- Carolyn Morse, Brand & Marketing Design Lead

“I feel very grateful to work with people who push and inspire me to achieve more than my last milestone.”

- Stephany, People Ops Associate

Employee Benefits

Peace of Mind

We offer comprehensive health, dental, and vision plans as well as commuter benefits to make your life easier.

Sound Body

Employees get discounts on Thistle meals, juices, and snacks. And of course Thistle for breakfast and lunch!

High Spirits

We’ve invested in building a diverse and vibrant workplace. Company outings, workouts, and happy hours happen every month!

Soul Searching

Thistle is a company dedicated to our mission. Find your passion at Thistle while working alongside others on the same journey.

A Better Future


We currently offer a tremendous value for the high quality meals we offer. Still, our true competition is against the food giants offering meals at the lowest price point. For us to credibly say we want to provide healthy, delicious and nutrition meals to everyone, we must be able to offer an option to everyone.


Thistle is a proponent of a future in which vegan and plant-forward options are available to everyone looking to lead a healthy lifestyle and reduce meat consumption. Our meals are held to a strict internal nutritional standard (for instance, all of our lunches have at least 20g of protein) to make sure that plant eaters are never short changed.


We work every day to enhance customer experience and make the journey of discovering, enjoying, and building a habit around healthy eating a human experience. We believe Thistle is a great component of that experience and work tirelessly to make it simple and convenient for our customers to eat healthy.


At Thistle, organic and seasonal ingredients are a given. Food waste and sustainable packaging is always top of mind. We partner with leaders in the field of nutritional science and environmental stewardship to insure the company’s approach to product development and customer communication is based in current and sound nutritional science.

Help us build the future of healthy eating and make a difference in the lives of thousands of people.

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