Thistle FAQs

When do I need to place an order by?

You will need to place an order by 11:59pm on the Thursday prior to the Monday before you want your deliveries to begin. All of our hand delivery plans begin on a Monday while our shipping plans are delivered on Wednesdays.

How do I pause or cancel my subscription?

Once subscribed, you can easily pause or cancel your subscription by heading to My Account > Meal Plan, then clicking on ‘Pause deliveries’. Here you will be able to pause your deliveries for a period of time or cancel your subscription entirely.

Please note that you will need to pause or cancel your plan before 11:59pm on the Thursday prior to the upcoming week in order to avoid being charged for meals that week.

How much time do I have before delivery to adjust my order?

If you need to make modifications to your order, including items ordered, delivery address or special instructions, changes must be made by 5:00 pm on the previous delivery day in order to be accommodated (e.g. by Monday at 5:00 pm for a Wednesday delivery). Please contact us if you’re having trouble making a change.

I want to place a subscription for two people -- how do I do this?

If you live under the same roof as another Thistler, you can now set up multiple subscriptions (for up to 6 people). While signed in, simply edit your subscription by visiting your meal plan page, where you will see a link to take you to our multiple subscriptions page. There you can choose how many people you’d like to receive the same subscription that you are also receiving. If you need your second (or multiple) subscription to be different than your own, please reach out to us at

How much does it cost per meal?

Prices vary based on location and how far we have to travel to get your meals to you.

San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego Hand Delivery: Prices start at $11.50 per meal (Vegan) and $13.50 per meal (Meat) -- this is if you choose a 5-day plan with three meals a day. The most you’ll ever pay is $13.99 per meal (Vegan) or $15.99 per meal (Meat) -- for 3 meals or less per week. Delivery is always free.

California-wide Shipping: Prices start at $10 per meal (Vegan) or $12 per meal (Meat) -- this is if you choose a 9-meal plan. The most you’ll ever pay is $11 per meal (Vegan) or $13 per meal (Meat) -- if you select a 6-meal plan. Overnight delivery is always free.

Can I choose to have some meals with the meat protein add-on, and some meals vegan?

Unfortunately at this time you can only choose between fully vegan and non-vegan meal options. A non-vegan subscription will therefore receive the specified meat protein add-on found on our menu page for every lunch and dinner (breakfasts are all vegan at this time).

I love Thistle and want to tell my friends! Do you have a referral program?

We sure do! Once you’ve signed up to Thistle, we will generate a referral code for you to share with friends and family. If they sign up using your code, they will get $20 off their first week of Thistle. When they sign up, you’ll receive $20 credited to your Thistle account too! Login to your account to find and share your referral code.

Where can I see how many referral dollars I have and when do they get applied?

When someone you referred signs up, their name, signup date and your credit will be visible on the referrals page of your account. Referral credits for the referring party get applied when the referred party is charged. Referral credits for the referred party get applied on their first charge. Login to see how many referral dollars you’ve earned.

If I am a new customer, how do I apply a promo code?

Codes are applied at checkout. Keep in mind that promo codes are for first time new customers only, and cannot be combined with other promos (unless otherwise stated).

Help! I’m getting a 403 error when I try to subscribe!

Some customers who have ordered with us before are having an issue signing in because of a browser cookie issue. It can be resolved by clearing your browser’s cookie history. Let us know if you need help sorting it out!

What happens if you make a mistake or I am unhappy with my order?

Here at Thistle, we have incredibly high standards for all of our meals. When we fall short of our standards, we commit to always making things right. Credits to your account will be made with any error on our part during your experience at Thistle.

Looking for a donation?

Thistle loves supporting schools and local businesses! Please reach out to for any donation inquiries.

Where can I find nutritional information on your meals?

Nutritional information for each meal served in a given week is available on our menu page (just click the meal picture or “Details” link to bring up the “Nutrition” tab). Nutritional info is posted by the Sunday night prior to the upcoming week.

What is your food philosophy? How are your meals nutritionally designed?

We believe in a well-rounded approach to nutrition. We’re not strictly vegans, vegetarians, paleo, gluten-free or raw foodies. We don’t believe in extremes. We believe in moderation & balance, in simple, clean, whole foods made with loving hands and organic, seasonal ingredients.

We believe in the power of plants, and in eating (and drinking!) the rainbow. Our meals are primarily plant-based, and the fruits and vegetables we serve are packed with nutrients, phytochemicals & antioxidants sourced seasonally from local farms to ensure only the freshest, most nutrient-dense ingredients make it to your plate. We love healthy fats (from sources like avocados, nuts & seeds) and small portions of protein-rich, nutrient-dense grains (e.g. quinoa, amaranth) to help keep you satiated, energized, and glowing throughout the day.

How many calories are in a typical meal?

We believe that fixating on calories or carbs or any other metric or single indicator of health can be misleading. All calories are not created equal in how they affect the complex biochemical systems that regulate our bodies. The quality of our calories count; macronutrient balance & portion size matters.

That said, our meals are optimally designed to be in the 400-600 calorie range so you don’t have to worry about overeating. Clean, healthy, nutrient-dense foods in the right proportions will help you feel your best, reach your optimal weight, and rev up your metabolism to leave you feeling light, satiated yet energized!

How many calories are in a typical snack?

Our snacks generally range from 300-400 calories. They can be eaten at one time or may be enjoyed in two servings at different points in the day.

Why are the ingredients listed on my meal label different from the ingredients listed on the website?

All of the ingredients we use in our meals are seasonal and subject to availability, so from time to time we may have an ingredient listed on our website that we're not able to source from our vendors or local farms. We may also change up the recipe last-minute if we have the opportunity to use an ingredient that we believe will improve the overall quality and flavor of the meal. These circumstances may occasionally result in the ingredient listing on our website being out of synch with what's on the label. While we make every effort to ensure accuracy on the website, should a discrepancy arise please consult the meal label for the most accurate and up to date ingredient list and nutritional information. Feel free to contact customer success if you ever have any questions!

I’m very active - am I getting enough protein?

Thistle meal plans are designed to give you all of the protein your body needs. For our vegan meals, we love to use protein-rich superfoods and complete protein sources (which have all nine essential amino acids our bodies can’t produce on their own) like quinoa, buckwheat, chia, & hemp seed, as well as legumes, nuts, and plenty of leafy greens to make sure you’re getting everything you need and then some. Our non-vegan meals additionally contain lean meat such as organic, free-range poultry and shrimp. So don’t worry, even if you have a very active lifestyle you can rest assured that our meals will always be packed with plenty of protein to fuel your day!

Is Thistle low sodium?

Yes! The U.S. recommended daily intake of sodium is 2,300 mg / day or less (approximately one teaspoon of salt), and certain populations at risk of heart disease are recommended to keep their intake to less than 1,500 mg / day. Our meals contain very little added salt for this reason and generally meet this cumulative 1,500 mg / day guideline. So while we keep everything low sodium, if you’d like to sprinkle a touch of salt to your own meal to taste, go right on ahead (but remember to try it first!).

What results can I expect from eating Thistle? Will I lose weight?

Our food is designed to help you reach your optimal weight, increase your energy levels, reduce bloat, improve digestion, and boost mental focus. Individual results depend on your regular diet outside of Thistle, how much weight you have to lose (or need to gain), and your level of physical activity, among other factors. Given that most of our meals are between 400-600 calories, most individuals who eat only Thistle meals will lose weight as a subscriber. Snacks and juices are also available for those who require additional calories during the day to maintain their weight or active lifestyle.

Above all, our programs are designed to help you feel as clean as the foods and juices you are taking in!

Is your food organic? Sourced locally & sustainably?

Yes, yes, and yes! Thistle maintains a commitment to offering organic, local and sustainable products. Through farmer's markets and sourcing with intention, we seek out and develop relationships with only local purveyors who share our commitment to promoting individual health and a healthy environment.

Do you accommodate allergies / dietary restrictions / preferences for meals?

Currently we are only able to accommodate allergies for our home delivery customers. Our food is always dairy-free, egg-free and gluten-free. The following is our full list of allergens / preferences we can accommodate:

  • Dairy
  • Wheat / Gluten
  • Eggs
  • Soy
  • Tree nuts
  • Peanuts
  • Seafood
  • Smoked meats
  • Beef
  • Pork

How are these allergies accommodated? It depends on how the component has been incorporated into our meals:

  • If the allergen is a topping or garnish it will simply be left off, and you will receive the standard meal minus this component.
  • When the component is a major component of the meal (e.g. for soy or fish allergies), you will receive an additional serving of vegetables (for vegan meals) or a substitute protein portion of our sous vide chicken (for non-vegan meals).
  • If the component is in a dressing or sauce, you will receive an alternate dressing / sauce that does not contain the allergen.
  • If the component is in a breakfast (applicable for nut allergies), you will receive an alternate breakfast meal that contains nut-free granola and fruit.

Do you accommodate allergies for snacks?

Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate snack allergies at this time.

How do I add my allergies to my account?

After you enter your email and zip code, you will be asked to choose which protein you’d like (Vegan or Animal protein). On this page, you can also select which foods you’d like to avoid from our list of supported allergens.

If you want to add your allergies in after subscribing, just head to My Account and click on ‘Edit meal plan’ to make any changes.

How do I know my allergies have been accommodated when I get my meal?

You can be sure that your meal does not contain the allergens you’ve requested to be kept off by looking at the meal labels. Although your meal will have the standard meal label, additional stickers include your name and your allergies clearly listed so you can be sure your meal has been customized just for you!

Do your meals, juices or snacks contain any added sugar?

Our juices do not contain any added sugars of any kind - we let the fruits and veggies speak for themselves!

All of our food is incredibly low in sugar as well. We never use any white sugars or artificial sweeteners in our meals or snacks. We don’t add sugars of any kind to our lunch and dinner meals with the exception of a pinch (i.e. <½ teaspoon) of maple syrup or other natural sweetener to the occasional salad dressing or sauce (these are always served on the side). Our breakfasts are usually naturally sweetened with dates, fruits, or our housemade juices / almond milks, but may occasionally contain a natural sweetener such as maple syrup (never more than 1 teaspoon).

Do your meals contain grains?

Our meals do contain protein-rich (and gluten-free) superfood grains, including quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, millet, sorghum, teff, and brown or japonica (black) rice. Our grains are incredibly healthy, loaded with vital micronutrients, antioxidants, protein and fiber to keep you satiated and energized throughout the day. You’ll never find refined grains like white rice or white flour based pastas / breads in our meals!

Grains have gotten a bad rep of late but a small portion (< ¼ cup dry) of the types of whole grains you’ll find in our meals are essential to a balanced, plant-based, protein-rich diet.

Can you make my meal paleo?

Although many of our meals conform to the paleo diet, we do not currently offer a paleo-specific meal plan comprised solely of paleo-friendly meals.

Can the meals be heated up?

All of our meals can be eaten cold, but some of our food is even tastier heated up! Just check out our menu for the day - meals that taste great heated will have a tab containing heating instructions (as follows) when you click on the meal on our menu page. Most of our dinners are best served warm.

On the stovetop:

  1. Empty your Thistle container into a medium-sized skillet.
  2. Remove any leafy greens that you do not want heated onto a separate plate. Heartier greens like kale, collard greens, chard, cabbage, spinach etc. taste great heated, but you may want to remove arugula or mixed lettuce greens if the meal contains them.
  3. Cook on the stovetop with a splash of olive oil at medium until warm (3-5 minutes), stirring regularly.
  4. Serve onto a plate and enjoy!

In the microwave:

  1. Empty your Thistle container onto a microwave safe plate/bowl.
  2. Remove any leafy greens that you do not want heated onto a separate plate. Heartier greens like kale, collard greens, chard, cabbage, spinach etc. taste great heated, but you may want to remove arugula or mixed lettuce greens if the meal contains them.
  3. Cook on high until warm (1.5-2 minutes).
  4. Serve onto a plate and enjoy!

Where can I leave feedback on the meals I’ve received?

You can leave meal feedback directly in your account page! Simply visit

Is your food packaging recyclable?

Yes! All of our packaging, including the thermal cooler bags that the meals come in, are 100% recyclable. We will happily take back and reuse our bags and ice packs for future deliveries - you can leave them wherever your delivery is typically made and our drivers will pick them up.

Do you reuse your juice bottles?

While we do not reuse bottles at this time, we recycle our bottles and definitely encourage you to do the same. If you have good ideas for upcycle uses (flower vases, colored sand, terrarium..), we would love it if you shared them!

As a producer of a raw / unpasteurized product, we need to make absolutely certain that any and all reclaimed bottles are cleaned and sanitized to the standard necessary to effectively eliminate any risk of contamination and subsequent potential health impact on our customers. We looked at several available options for a startup our size but could not get comfortable that the options available to us (economically and operationally) minimized these risks effectively. As we grow larger and our monthly bottle numbers increase, we will evaluate new options as they become viable - and we intend to conduct a full life-cycle analysis to fully assess and understand our environmental impacts (which we will be happy to share with you and all our customers).

Where do you deliver?

We currently deliver to the San Francisco Bay Area and the Greater LA Area, and we ship to all of CA and parts of NV. Check your zip code to see which option applies to your area.

What can I expect during deliveries?

By default, our delivery drivers will ring your intercom or doorbell and knock on your door. If no one answers, we will follow up with a phone call. Our drivers will leave without delivering if we’re unable to make contact after 5 minutes.

You can update your delivery preferences by checking “Don't ring the doorbell” and/or “Okay to leave unattended” in your profile.

  • If you select “Don’t ring the doorbell,” we will not ring your intercom/doorbell, but will call when we arrive.
  • If you want us to leave your delivery at the door (or another specified location), select “Okay to leave unattended.” Please include specific instructions about the dropoff location.
  • If you select both options, we will only attempt to make contact if we’re having trouble finding your drop-off location.

If you have selected Overnight delivery, we will not attempt to make contact. Please include detailed instructions on how to access your drop-off location (i.e. building access code, hiding place for the delivery, specific instructions for hard to find apartments, etc.).

Please note that while our carriers will do their best to honor these special delivery instructions, we cannot guarantee that they’ll be accommodated and aren’t liable for any lost, stolen or damaged deliveries that result from these requests.

How do I know when my delivery is on the way?

You will receive a text message from your driver when they are on the way to your doorstep along with an ETA. If your delivery is ever running behind the stated delivery window, we will text you with an updated ETA to make sure that delivery still works for you at the stated address.

What do I do with the bags and ice packs that keep my food cool?

All of our delivery materials are sustainable and recyclable. We re-use them by swapping out the empty bag and ice packs with a food-filled bag on each delivery. Simply place on your doorstep (or indicate in your delivery instructions where they will be located) before a drop-off and our delivery driver will grab them! If you forget to put the bags and ice packs out, no worries - just remember within the next couple of deliveries, otherwise we have to charge $10 to your card on file for every set of bag/ice that aren’t returned within a few weeks. But don’t worry, we’ll definitely reach out to you with multiple reminders before any charges are added! Also, if you’re having any trouble with delivery drivers not picking up or finding your bags/ice, please reach out at so we can help get you sorted.

What happens if my delivery person tried to contact me to make a delivery, but I missed the door/knock/call/text?

If you missed your delivery, please reach out to Customer Success at

Does someone need to be present to receive the delivery? Or will you drop at the front door, if necessary?

On your profile you are able to select "do not ring door bell" and "leave at the door" this is particularly for customers that are not up that early, have a baby or are on conference calls and do not want to be interrupted. All we ask is that, where we leave the order is a secure and safe location for you to pick up.

What if I leave for work before the end of my delivery window?

Due to the volume of orders we have on that delivery day, you might be delivered earlier in the window one day and later in that window the next. We cannot promise your delivery will always be at the same time. We ask that you are available and able to receive your meals for the whole duration of the delivery window.

Do you deliver on holidays?

For the most part, yes!

On rare occasions (usually deliveries around Thanksgiving and Christmas), we may adjust a delivery date or cancel the delivery, but we’ll always reach out and give you plenty of advanced notice.

But unless you hear from us, assume a normal delivery schedule. If you are going away and don’t need a delivery that day, you have two options:

  1. If the holiday falls on a day when you were scheduled to receive a delivery, you can switch your delivery plan on the Meal Plan page to avoid receiving deliveries on that day (e.g. you can change your meal plan to receive meals Wednesday - Friday instead of Monday - Wednesday to avoid a Monday holiday); or
  2. Pause your account for the holiday week on the Meal Plan tab.

Where do you ship your meals?

We just launched shipping across the entire state of California and parts of Nevada! Take a look at our delivery map to see all the places we deliver. We’re hoping to expand to new states soon.

How does shipping work?

Currently, we only offer 1 delivery per week on Wednesdays which will arrive to your residence or office by 7pm. Please see below for specific details about each plan:

6 Meal Program

Delivered on Wednesdays by 7pm

What to expect in each delivery:

  • Two lunches
  • Two dinners
  • Two ‘Anytime Meals’ i.e. stews, curries, soups, etc.
9 Meal Program

Delivered on Wednesdays by 7pm

What to expect in each delivery:

  • Two breakfast (always vegan)
  • Two dinners (meat or vegan)
  • Two lunches (meat or vegan)
  • Three ‘Anytime Meals’ i.e. stews, curries, soups, etc.

How do I know when my delivery is on the way?

You will receive an email from our shipping provider, Ontrac, with your tracking number that will allow you to locate your box while it’s en route to you.

What should I do with my box after my delivery?

Once you receive your box, please put your meals into your refrigerator and keep cool until you consume them. Anytime Meals can either be kept in the refrigerator or frozen until a later date.

Here’s more information on how to dispose of your box & shipping materials:

Cardboard box: Our box can either be reused or recycled with the rest of your cardboard and picked up directly from your home by your waste management company Insulation: Our insulation is made from recycled textiles! To dispose of it, remove the plastic lining and recycle. The interior fabric can actually be composted in your garden or picked up with your compost scraps Gel Packs: Our gel packs can be reused, donated, or recycled! Many charities and organizations love ice pack donations -- some that our other customers have donated to include Boy & Girl Scout Troops, Goodwill, food banks and soup kitchens, some local public schools, SPCA, youth sports clubs & dance companies and the Boys & Girls Club.

You can also recycle your gel pack. Our gel ice packs are all 100% biodegradable and recyclable (and nontoxic!) We recommend melting the ice and cutting open the bags and dumping them in your compost or anywhere you would dispose of grass clippings. It's 95%+ water so that will dissolve leaving behind the compostable gel. We *strongly* recommend NOT dumping it down your sink/drain as it can build up and clog. Once you've disposed of the interior, the poly-bags that hold the gel are actually recyclable and can be put straight into the recycling bin. Food Containers: Our food containers are all recyclable

Does someone need to be present to receive the delivery? Or will you drop at the front door, if necessary?

We currently do not require a signature upon delivery so the box will be left in front of your door unless you prefer otherwise. Shoot us an email at if you have more specific instructions!