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Sharing the #ThistleLove with Online Communities

Looking to join a community that will support you throughout your health journey? Online communities can be a great place to start!
Farmers + Food Crafters

Edison Grainery: Insight On Their Ingredients

Almost every Thistle meal includes an ingredient from Edison Grainery. You can always count on their delicious quinoa, lentils, seeds, or salts to complete any plant-forward meal!
Farmers + Food Crafters

The Good Chocolate: Turning Every Vegan Meal From Good to Great

The Good Chocolate is a 100% organic, vegan, sugar-free chocolate that has become a nourishing dessert option for people nationwide. Who wouldn’t want to indulge in a healthy chocolate bar?!

Cult Crackers: A Snack That Nourishes You & the Planet

Birgitta had the recipe and Diana was ready to build a business. Together they founded Cult Crackers, a plant forward, vegan, gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free snack that allows for everyone to enjoy a good crunch with every meal!

Burma Love Foods: A Flavorful Journey Brought to Life

Desmond Tan found his own sustainable way to bring the unique flavors from the Namhsan Mountains of Burma, to his restaurants, as well as to kitchens across the United States

Community Partner: Food Finders

Food Finders connects the dots from stores and restaurants that have surpluses of food, to shelters and food pantries to provide food for food-insecure communities in Southern California.

Muffin Revolution: Not All Superfoods Wear Capes

Two determined women with one crazy idea now have an outstanding company that upholds their passion for balancing nutrition and taste, Muffin Revolution.

Alive and Healing: Tempting You With Tempeh

Alive & Healing is founded in the idea of sharing healthy, immune-boosting foods with the world. Their tempeh provides individuals with the protein they need to feel satiated and productive throughout the day!

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