thistle fall menu spread

I admit, I wasn’t always a believer in the hype that is meal delivery services. I’m stubborn when it comes to change, and I felt that getting meals delivered to your door would be another short-lived trend.

Boy was I wrong.

After a month of eating with Thistle, I honestly cannot imagine life without it. Thistle upgrades so many aspects of my life — check out my top five life improvements.

1) I now have time for the good things in life.

I spend many hours at the office every day (yay). I have always tried to eat a lot of healthy, fresh produce in my diet, which meant spending hours in the grocery store — those long lines, man! When I’d get home from work exhausted, I would have to find a recipe, prepare and cook my meal, and clean up. Now with Thistle, I can spend that time on a jog or at a yoga class, and I have time after dinner to relax and watch some Netflix. Life quality = dramatically better.

2) I’m saving money.

We all have the occasional night when we’re lazy, so we order in. With delivery fees (yes, I would still order during surge hours), delivery dinner comes out to about $20–30. Trust me, that shiz adds up! Thistle doesn’t charge a delivery fee plus the meals are $11–14, which has saved my wallet. In addition to takeout, I was always tempted to buy lunch at work instead of bringing it in. Now I’m excited to bring in my Thistle lunch and not have to worry about buying something.

3) Now I don’t feel like taking a nap after every meal.

You know the feeling after eating a ~way too large~ portion of food where you want to curl up on the couch and wait for the food coma to subside? This would be me after lunch on a regular basis, no energy and in need of a second coffee. Not fun. My plant-based meals come with energizing, superfood ingredients in perfectly portioned containers. After a meal, I feel ready to conquer the world — just as food should make me feel. How you ask? First of all, my tummy bloat (an almost consistent factor in my life) has shrunk back to normalcy — wahoo! My digestion feels entirely refreshed and I feel lighter. Plus, I haven’t seen a zit pop up in weeks, major win.

4) I’m eating more unique veggies than ever before.

Thistle has so much variety in its constantly changing weekly menu (think indian curries, spring salads, Mediterranean stews + quinoa tabboulehs). Every meal has at least 5 unique veggies, which means I’m consuming waymore vitamin and mineral diversity than I do from my lame homemade salads. No more sad spinach salads with ranch. Plus, I love how Thistle plans are super flexible. I can change any part of my plan at any time.

5. Healthy food can also be delicious.

I feel that it is important to note that Thistle meals are delicious. Yes, they’re packed with veggies and superfoods, but they also taste great. This kind of fresh, healthy food made by professional, taste-driven chefs is rare. I find myself scraping the bottom of Thistle containers for the last few grains of quinoa or the last bite of my chocolate avocado mousse on a regular basis. Yes, I may look like a crazy person in my office, but I’m proud to state that I’m officially addicted.

Interested to try Thistle out? Get 20% off your first week with the code CHANGE20.

Apr 11, 2017