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The feedback from our customers was clear: Thistlers want to supplement their meal plans with healthy, protein packed eggs, sourced from a high quality, sustainable farm. After researching the best local partner, we’re so excited to launch our locally sourced, organic, pasture raised egg add-on today!

First, some background on eggs. There is so much confusion with labels boasting messages of cage-free, free-range, added omega 3’s, natural, organic, and pasture raised — which is best?

Organic and pasture raised eggs are the best source you can consume. Pasture raised means that hens have at least 108 square feet each of outdoor space and consume some feed supplemented by lots of grass, bugs, worms, and anything else they can find in the dirt, giving them more nutrients than if they were fed a corn-based diet alone. Hens are let out of the barns early in the morning and called back in before nightfall for protection, thriving in plenty of fresh air and sunlight.

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Photo: Courtesy of Coastal Hill Farm

We source our eggs from Coastal Hill Farm, a small sustainable family farm in West Petaluma, Sonoma County. They are certified organic pasture through Marin Organic Certified Agriculture and California Certified Organic Farmers, and as an open farm, anyone can come visit anytime to see their sustainable practices firsthand. Coastal Hill never uses any antibiotics, hormones, or stimulants, and most importantly, hens are allowed unlimited outdoor access to feed on grasses, insects, and seeds. They have several styles of mobile coops which use automatic doors that open at sunrise and close at sunset. These conditions make the birds comfortable, happy, protected and stress-free, which is reflected in the taste of their eggs — and their nutritional content!

In fact, research suggests the environment in which hens are raised plays a huge role in determining the nutritional content of eggs they produce. Pasture raised eggs are not only are an excellent source of protein (with 6 grams per egg), but they also contain more health benefits than their commercial counterparts, including:

  • 3–6x more vitamin D
  • 38–66% more vitamin A
  • 2–3x more vitamin E
  • 7x more beta-carotene
  • 2–3x the omega-3 fats
  • 33% less cholesterol
  • 25% less saturated fat

Pasture raised eggs can also help improve our mood. Not only do eggs contain all the basic amino acids that are needed to increase our serotonin levels (which make us happy and relaxed) they also have B12, omega-3 fatty acids, and are high in protein, all of which help feed the brain and keep the blues away. Eggs are also are one of the few foods that contain vitamin D (make sure to eat the yolk!), something most of us need more of, especially during the winter months. Check out the bright yellow-orange perky yolks which indicate higher levels of nutrients than their commercial counterparts.
You can start ordering these delicious eggs for delivery today by selecting it as a one-time addition, or as an addition to your subscription under the add-on section of your dashboard (if selecting subscription, you will receive one egg per day you receive meals). You can also add onto your weekly delivery for a great, protein-rich snack here.

Dec 7, 2018
Thistle News