Cereal is an easy go-to. It’s a quick breakfast. It’s a bedtime snack. Let’s be honest: sometimes, it’s also dinner. And with the plethora of plant-based milks available these days, everyone, regardless of almost any dietary restriction, is welcome to the table. 

Vegan? Cereal’s got you covered. Paleo or Keto? Yep. Want lots of plant based protein? Cereal can do that, too. But do you really want to eat cereal seven days a week? And is it even any good for your body to have such a monotonous relationship with food? No, and no.

In this Heart Month post, we’ll cover plant based breakfast options that go far beyond the realm of cereal. Treat your body right, protect your heart, fuel your workouts, and start your day off right with these nutritious and tasty vegan breakfast options that will entice even meat lovers.

To Satisfy a Sweet Tooth

Americans like to start the day sweet. You can do the same, but without the sugar overload. Ditch the doughnuts. Pass on the pastry. Instead, reach for one of the following plant based breakfast options instead.

Smoothies & Acai bowls

By now, smoothies are a mainstay for people who want to eat well when on the go or in a hurry. From fruity and refreshing to chocolatey and creamy, the combinations are deliciously endless! Smoothies are also a great way to sneak leafy greens into a plant based breakfast: simply throw a fresh or frozen handful into the blender with all the other ingredients. 

For chocolatey and creamy, check out our mocha chia smoothie bowl.

And then there’s the new kid on the block: smoothie bowls. Typically containing low-sugar and full-of-healthy-fats acai berry puree as the base, you eat them with a spoon, so if you’re not quite ready to let go of the bowl-and-spoon breakfast experience, acai bowls will lead you over the bridge from cereal to all the other drool-worthy plant-based breakfast options. Smoothie bowls are also a beautiful feast for your eyes.

Our vibrant pitaya smoothie bowl with tropical fruit & coconut hemp granola.

Cookies. Yes, Cookies!

This breakfast option isn’t a cookie in the traditional sense—you’ll find no refined grains and high sugar content here. Instead, picture a circle-shaped, nutrient-dense granola bar with ingredients like almond flour, oats, nuts, and seeds. But how much more fun and enticing is it to call them cookies? 

Dried fruit, whole grain rolled oats, nuts, seeds...the combinations for a healthy breakfast cookie are endless!

If you find yourself eating breakfast during your commute or once you get to work, or have kids in need of second breakfast while out doing morning activities, plant based breakfast cookies will save the day because they’re extremely portable. What’s more, by incorporating them into a meal prep routine, you can make a big batch one weekend, and have enough to last through the month.

Fruit & Fixin’s

Meet your grain-free and vegan breakfast. Apples, pears, bananas, and berries work great here. As for fixin’s, think almond butter, peanut butter, etc. Really, any nut or seed butter will do. Then, add a nutritious crunch with hemp seeds, chia seeds, and raw cacao nibs. Simply slice up the fruit, spread on some nut or seed butter, and sprinkle away. With a creative presentation, this is a good way to entice even kids to eat something besides cereal on a busy morning.

Sometimes, it's best to keep it simple.

To Get Your Savory Fix

Like your meals a little spicy and pleasantly piquant? These savory plant based dishes will hit the spot, without the sodium and saturated fat bomb and other health risks that often accompany traditional meat-centric breakfast spreads.

Avocado toast

Don’t let its once snarky meme status deter you. Whole grain toast, perfectly ripe mashed avocado, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Simplicity and perfection all at once! Want to jazz it up? Add a drizzle of olive oil, a handful of microgreens, some crushed red pepper, or a slice of tomato. Or all of the above! 

Go on, we don't judge (we know that avocados go with everything).

(Coconut) Bacon & (Tofu) Eggs

Sometimes you just gotta have the complete opposite of cold cereal: a hearty, stick-to-your-ribs hot breakfast like bacon and eggs. But why should meat-eaters have all the fun? A plant-based alternative awaits you in coconut and tofu! Coconut bacon is salty, crisp, and—thanks to its fat content—also super filling. Pair it with tofu scramble—a protein-rich dish that comes together quickly and is easy to customize and optimize with all sorts of spices, fresh herbs, and sauteed veggies. To take the combo from classic to on-trend, turn it into a bowl: mix it all together and sprinkle some herbs and hot sauce on top.

Tofu scrambles are one of our favorite ways to do breakfast at Thistle. Featured above is our masala tofu scramble!

Chickpea Omelets

This is your chance to fancily channel the French in your plant-based breakfast-eating endeavors. You may know chickpea flour as part of what makes several Indian dishes extra tasty. It’s also traditionally used in Italian and other Mediterranean cuisines to make savory pancakes called farinata or socca. When mixed with water, nutritious chickpea flour takes on the consistency and versatile function of beaten eggs, which makes it the unsung hero of plant-based breakfasts. Hello, french toast batter (wait...that belongs in the sweet section above). Back to the savory point: hello, omelets!

Try incorporating at least a few of these delicious vegan options into your weekly breakfast repertoire. If you’re too busy to plan and prepare breakfast, but still aspire to eat more plant based meals, try a Thistle subscription. All of our breakfast items are 100% vegan and contain just the right amount of plant based protein. From smoothie bowls to hashes and scrambles made with tofu and chickpeas, Thistle offers both sweet and savory offerings for a delicious start to your day.  And if you want your first meal of the day to be extra filling, consider our popular baby avocado add-on

Go on, kick that cereal habit to the curb.

Feb 19, 2020
Health and Wellness