Eat Plants.
Feel Results.
Eating healthy just got a whole lot easier.
We’ll fill your fridge with organic plant-based meals and cold-pressed juice, for less than the cost of eating out.
Build your subscription
Choose plant or animal protein and an optimal combo of meals, snacks and juices. Available 3, 4 or 5 days each week.
Delivered to your door
Meals are delivered to you via local couriers (SF + LA) or shipping (greater CA + NV).
Change anytime
Thistle is flexible. You can modify, skip, or cancel your plan at any time with no commitment.
designed meals
Nutritionally designed meals
Our menus are mindfully designed to meet your macronutrient needs and provide your body with vitamins and minerals found in whole, organic foods - free of added sweeteners and preservatives.
Nutrient Diversity
Thistle meals have an average of 5.8 unique fruits and veggies. Plus all produce is organic, no preservatives or GMOs here!
High Protein
Our lunches and dinners are designed to be filled with protein from diverse sources - choose from plant or animal based sources.
Gluten + Dairy free
We use protein packed grains like lentils, quinoa, black rice and tempeh. Your microbiome will thank you.
Superfoods Galore
You’ll find superfoods in every dish. Last year our menu featured 40+ superfoods like tumeric, hemp, ginger, matcha, chia & moringa.
Deliciously crafted menu
Deliciously crafted menu
We believe eating delicious is crucial to a healthy diet. Each week, our team of chefs design a new menu for what's in season, fresh and flavorful.
The Broccoli Quinoa Bowl
rainbow quinoa tossed with roasted broccoli, pickled onions, edamame, and slivered almonds, drizzled with our chili, lime vinaigrette
The Pepita Plate
curly kale, roasted rosemarry beets, and sliced carrots, topped with toasted pepitas and our fig balsamic dressing
Butternut Squash Tabbouleh
a chiffonade of mint and parsley incorporated with millet and lemon juice, topped with roasted butternut squash and organic shredded chicken
Mediterranean Tofu Scramble
turmeric tofu sauteed with roasted yams, butternut squash, and thyme olives
Polenta Arepas
our breakfast polenta arepas are served with sauteed asparagus, peas, and our mango, shallot salsa
The Pesto Zoodle Bowl
zucchini noodles topped with snap peas, garlic shrimp, and walnut cilantro pesto
Mango & Blueberry Kale Salad
curly kale topped with rainbow quinoa, diced mango, blueberrues, and roasted hazelnuts, drizzled with fig balsamic vinaigrette
The Hoison Stir Fry Bowl
sauteed broccoli, purple potatoes, shiitake mushrooms, and cabbage drizzled with a flavorful, tangy housemade hoisin
The Watercress Sesame
fresh watercress and arugula balanced with cleansing carrots, cucumbers, and rashishes, finished with brown rice, marinated tempeh, and our sesame garlic dressing
Green Monster Smoothie Bowl
a superfood smoothie of spinach, bananas, avocados, blueberries, almond milk, and spirulina, with gluten-free granola, seed mix
Sweet Potato Chickpea Bowl
a mix of baby kale and radicchio, topped with roasted yams, garbanzo beans, and brocolli rabe roasted in our cumin, chili, turmeric blend
Buffalo Cauliflower Salad
crunchy romaine topped with chickpeas, cucumber and spicy cauliflower tossed in a creamy vegan ranch dressing
Brown Rice Edamame Bowl
steamed brown rice topped with edamame, peas, corn, carrots, and sauteed spinach, drizzled with our housemade hoisin
Moroccan Chickpea Stew
protein-packed chickpeas with dino kale, roasted tomatoes, sweet carrots, and anti-inflammatory morrocan spices like ras el hanout and turmeric
Southwest Tofu Scramble
crumbled tofu seasoned with turmeric is sauteed with sweet potato, red onion, spinach, and red peppers
Fennel Blood Orange Salad
sliced carrots, cucumber, fennel, and radish tossed with spring mixed vegetables and topped with blood oranges, drizzled with our spicy black olive vinaigrette
Chocolate-Avo Mousse
this energizing snack packs in avocados, bananas, coconut milk, almonds, and cocao powder for a powerful treat
Lentil Beet Burger
our protein-rich veg burger is a delish combo of quinoa, lentils and beets, accompanied with our fennel, arugula, persimmon slaw and tropical tamarind bbq sauce
Falafel Cracker Salad
protein-rich falafels, made from the vegetable pulp from our cold-pressed juices, accompanies with green beans, cauliflower, and our jalapeno pea guacamole
Coconut Chia Pudding
chia seeds soaked overnight in coconut almond milk topped with cashews, pistachios, goji berries, golden berries, and cacao nibs
Build a plan
to fit your needs
Build a plan to fit your needs
Cooking healthy food at home is expensive. Thistle provides nourishing, delicious food that is convenient and affordable. Instead of offering set plans, we let you create your own like the following configurations:
Our Most Popular
Lunch + Dinner
Plant Protein
4 days / week
$94 / week
For Busy Workdays
Lunch + Juice
Animal Protein
4 days / week
$83 / week
For Early Birds
Breakfast + Latte
Plant Protein
3 days / week
$56 / week
For a Complete Reset
Breakfast, Lunch + Dinner
Plant Protein
5 days / week
$169 / week
For Nightly Dining
Animal Protein
5 days / week
$71 / week
For Great Workouts
Dinner + Soup
Animal Protein
3 days / week
$65 / week
For New Parents
Lunch, Dinner + Juice
Plant Protein
5 days / week
$145 / week
How Thistle benefits your health
Thistle food doesn’t just taste good – it benefits your everyday life! We pay close attention to the balance of vitamins and other nutrients to fulfill your health needs.
More energy
Thistle’s food contains low-glycemic carbs and protien-rich ingredients to promote even energy-burn. No spikes!
Sharp mind
Thistle uses healthy fats + omega fatty acids to fuel your brain, combatting stress and balancing hormones.
Less bloat
Thistle uses high fiber, low sodium food to reduce inflammation and promote blood flow to your digestive system.
Clear skin
Thistle is low in sugar and rich in antioxidants, biotin + beta-carotenes to hydrate skin and slow aging.
Start eating Thistle. Feel the Results.
Stop worrying about how you’ll eat healthy. Leave it to Thistle and start feeling amazing.