Thistle delivers prepared, healthy meals directly to your door

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Build your subscription

Choose plant or meat protein and an optimal combo of meals, snacks, and juices. Available 3 to 6 days per week for local delivery.

Delivered to your door

Meals are delivered to you via local couriers (SF Bay, LA, SD + OC) or shipping (greater CA + NV).

Change anytime

Thistle is flexible. You can modify, skip, or cancel your plan at any time with no commitment.

At Thistle, we’re serious about nutrition. Every week, our chefs create a delicious new menu packed with the highest quality ingredients and superfoods. All our meals are gluten and dairy-free and we use organic produce whenever possible.

Customize Your Plan

Choose which meals you need and how often you need them. Meals start at just $11.50.

Which meals do you offer?

Our meal options are breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plus we have juices, snacks, soups, wellness shots, cold-brew coffees and more for customers who fall into our local delivery zone! Next, choose how many days per week you want them, between 3 days and 6 days.

How does the plan work?

We believe that health is a lifestyle, and for that reason, our plans are subscriptions. If you place an order this week, your first delivery will arrive next week. Your subscription can be changed, paused or cancelled at any time - you are never locked in.

Can I pick which meals I receive?

If you fall into our local delivery zone, yes. You are able to choose your meals with our substitution feature. Once you've selected the base plan (for example: lunch, 3 days per week), you can to swap those lunches for dinners, breakfasts, juices, etc. For shipping customers, we have two set plans to choose from - 6 or 9 meals a week.

How much does it cost?

The more meals you purchase, the less each meal costs. Start the ordering process to receive your price here.

Free Delivery

Our delivery experience is seamless. Fresh ready-to-eat food will arrive on your doorstep each week.

How does delivery work?

For local deliveries, you’ll receive a text that your delivery is on the way. From there, you’ll meet your driver at your door for a handoff or you can instruct them to leave the bag on your doorstep. All deliveries are packed with ice packs in cool bags so your meals stay super fresh.

For shipping deliveries, we deliver on Fridays before 8pm with your meals for the week.

Where do you deliver?

We locally deliver to the SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego + Orange County. We ship to all of California and parts of NV. Check your zip code to see if we deliver or ship to your area.

When do you deliver?

For local deliveries, delivery windows and days are customizable. Deliveries take place either in the morning on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays, or they can take place the evening before on Sundays, Tuesdays, or Thursdays. Days can be customized after checkout.

How does shipping work?

It’s simple! A refrigerated shipping box of delicious, fresh meals will arrive on Friday by 8pm. Our delivery partner, onTrac will send you a tracking number.

What Thistlers love about us

When you put a lot of love into making really awesome and nutritious food, it’s not surprising to get a lot of love back.

The three elements of Thistle: healthy, convenient, and tastes amazing, are the perfect trifecta for food.


Software Engineer
San Francisco

Getting @ThistleCo food delivery is like having your mom pack your lunch if your mom is a 24 year old vegan style blogger.



I don’t think I am ever going to stop ordering from Thistle. I now feel better than ever and am eating better than I ever have in my 30+ years of life.


San Francisco

Thistle is a dream come true, providing a super nourishing solution that is really convenient AND affordable.


Health Coach
San Francisco

Still have more questions?

Check out our FAQs for answers to our most commonly asked questions, or email us at