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  • Build Your Plan

    Enter your zip code to see if you're in our local delivery or shipping area. Select the number of meals you want per week and your protein preferences.

    Choose Your Meals

    A fresh menu is served each week along with some recurring favorites. We'll assign meals according to your plan, but you may swap, add, or remove meals if you'd like.

    customer browsing through Thistle's menu page on a laptop

    Get Weekly Deliveries

    We deliver 1-2 times per week depending on your plan. You can set your delivery window at signup, and receive text updates about your deliveries.

    Enjoy Fresh, No-prep Food

    Our meals arrive ready-to-eat or heat. We serve plant-forward breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, sides, juices and shots. Flexitarian? Meat protein options are available for lunches and dinners.

    customer arranging a stack of fully prepared Thistle meal boxes

    Return Your Bags

    Join our sustainability efforts by returning your bags and cold packs for reuse. Just set them outside at your next delivery window, and your driver will pick them up.

    Flex Your Plan as Needed

    Life happens, and your plan is flexible. Skip a delivery, pause all deliveries, or cancel your subscription at any time.

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    Still have more questions?

    Check out our FAQs for answers to our most commonly asked questions, or email us at hello@thistle.co.