We believe in a well-rounded approach to nutrition. We believe in the power of plants and in eating a rainbow of foods packed with nutrients, phytochemicals and antioxidants.

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Locally Sourced and Organic, Whenever Possible

To us, organic is a priority and we utilize organic ingredients whenever we can. Organic produce preserves soil integrity, which is an investment in fruitful future crops. The lack of chemical pesticides in organic produce means safer fruits and veggies and no chemical runoff into our local waterways. We maintain tight relationships with farmers so produce arrives at our door about 48 hours after harvest, which is optimal for nutrient density.

Plant Forward Meals

Plants are packed with everything the human body needs to be vibrant and nourished. We make sure each meal has 5-6 unique vegetables to ensure a wide variety of amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. Instead of basing our meals on meat or carbs as the centerpiece, we choose veggies. Vegetables are also hydrating and fibrous, filling you up and keeping you full.

Gluten-Free, Plant Protein

We only use complex, low glycemic index carbs which contain fiber and micronutrients, and take longer to digest — as opposed to glutenous carbs. A day of Thistle’s plant-based plan contains an average of 60 g of plant protein. Plants and legumes can provide all 9 essential amino acids that we need to be healthy and happy human beings.

Dairy-free and Healthy Fats

We're 100% dairy-free. Instead of relying on dairy, we use house-made nut milks, coconut creams, nut cheeses, and seed butters for creaminess. The healthy fats stored in these dairy-free alternatives store energy, balance hormones, and transport vitamins.

The Power of Superfoods

We're believers. Superfoods are the easiest way to get a plethora of vitamin and minerals into your diet, fast. We prioritize foods that energize the body, balance blood sugar, and neutralize and detoxify environmental stressors. Some of our favorites are: turmeric, ginger, moringa, maca, reishi, matcha, and burdock - and we get them into every dish!

Bold Flavors

We achieve bold, delicious flavor profiles in our meals by drawing on myriad cuisines from around the world. By utilizing fresh citrus, herbs, spices, and aged vinegars, we aim to to showcase the outstanding produce and ingredients we have the privilege of using, while simultaneously keeping your taste buds excited.

We started this company because we want to improve health and wellness for all. We believe that the best way we could nurture the world's health is by reconnecting people to nature, to real foods, in a way that delivers the optimal amount of nutrition and that cares for our environment.

A Community Approach

Our bottom line is measured not only by profits but also our impact on people and our planet. We build partnerships with local organizations and find ways to give back to the communities we work with.

Reducing Our Footprint

We take care to reduce our energy, water, and waste footprints across our supply chain. We even donate the by-product of our pressed juices and meals to local farmers for composting.

Sustainable Sourcing

We source all of our fruits, vegetables, and nuts from local farms that provide the highest quality ingredients in a sustainable way and that treat their workers with respect.