Farmers + Food Crafters

Farmers + Food Crafters

Cult Crackers: A Snack That Nourishes You & the Planet

Birgitta had the recipe and Diana was ready to build a business. Together they founded Cult Crackers, a plant forward, vegan, gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free snack that allows for everyone to enjoy a good crunch with every meal!
Farmers + Food Crafters

Muffin Revolution: Not All Superfoods Wear Capes

Two determined women with one crazy idea now have an outstanding company that upholds their passion for balancing nutrition and taste, Muffin Revolution.
Farmers + Food Crafters

Jayleaf: Farming, Family, and the Future

Driven by a passion for farming inherited from his parents, Jose Ornelas marries the quality of organic vegetables with a focus on the future and sustainability of farming.
Farmers + Food Crafters

Hodo Foods: Sharing Our Love for Delicious Plant-Based Protein

Whether you are omnivorous, vegetarian, or vegan Hodo Foods works to bring all eaters minimally processed, plant-based, organic protein.
Farmers + Food Crafters

Oaktown Spice Shop: Building Community from the Ground Up

Oaktown Spice Shop not only enables individuals to discover unique flavors through exploring different spices and blends, but brings communities together through fostering conversations around eating well, diversifying recipes, and supporting local businesses.

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