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Visualizing Three Decades of Animal Agriculture Emissions in the US

Thistle analyzed 30 years of livestock emissions data from the Environmental Protection Agency to unpack how agriculture has contributed to greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. over the past three decades.

Grow a Rainbow of Veggies in Your Summer Garden

Fill your summer garden with vegetables and reward yourself with the benefits of gardening.

7 Tips for Living More Sustainably

Want to support local farmers, eat more plants, and protect the environment? Here are 7 tips for living more sustainably.

Plant-Based Food: Protecting the Planet One Plate at a Time

Eat all the plant-based food to protect our one precious planet.

Cozy Up to Our Soups

There's more to our soup than meets the eye. Not only are they delicious, but they also help us decrease our food waste.
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2021 Highlights

2021 was another wonderful year for us at Thistle, thanks to all of you!
Farmers + Food Crafters

King of Mushrooms: Foraging for Fungi and More

Todd Spanier, the King of Mushrooms, turned the family hobby and serious passion of mushroom hunting into a successful business, sourcing choice culinary mushrooms for everyone from top chefs to home cooks.

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