Plants + Protein: A Winning Combination 

Protein. We know we need it, but do we know the best way to get it? And how much do we need to thrive? Some think a heaping plate of meat is the only way to get the right amount of protein to keep your body working properly. Many people scoff at the idea of getting protein from plants. But here’s the truth: everyone needs protein, and plants are some of the healthiest and most versatile sources of protein around. 

Warm up This Season with Our Soups

With the chilly weather upon us, we can imagine that all you want to do is get cozy underneath a blanket and have a bowl of soup! Learn more about what makes Thistle soups so special.

Your Complete Guide to Plant-Based Protein

At Thistle, we encourage consuming a wide array of plant-based proteins for ultimate nutrient absorption. In this post, we share the top 10 sources of plant-based protein.

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