Where to go for good nutrition guidance. What you eat has a big impact on your health and how you feel. We help you choose wisely.

Ask a Dietitian, Volume IX: Nutrition Guidance from Snack Choices to Vegan Diets and Intermittent Fasting

Expert nutrition advice covering snacks, vegan diets, intermittent fasting, cholesterol, oil, B vitamins, and more.

Ask a Dietitian, Volume VIII: Protein-Packed Plates and Gut Health Guidance

Unlock expert insights on protein-rich meals, gut health, and balancing fats and proteins.

Ask a Dietitian, Volume VII: Protein Recommendations and Dietary Solutions

Discover protein insights for perimenopausal women with active lifestyles, optimal protein intake, the cholesterol-NAFLD link, IBS-friendly sources, and personalized dietary solutions with Thistle's expert guidance.

How Plant-based Diets Have Been Shown to Affect Gut Health

Thistle researched how plant-based diets can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria living in your gut.

Ask A Dietitian, Volume VI: Cholesterol Management, Diabetes-Friendly Choices and Understanding Sugar

Discover expert advice on cholesterol, diabetes-friendly meals, sugar metabolism, vegan protein, oxalate concerns, and healthier dietary choices in Ask A Dietitian Volume Six.

Ask A Dietitian, Volume V: Tips for Managing Inflammation and Strengthening Your Gut Microbiome

Explore a wealth of dietitian insights, from inflammation reduction to gut health, and the role of carbs in our monthly Ask A Dietitian series.

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