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Alive and Healing: Tempting You With Tempeh

Alive & Healing is founded in the idea of sharing healthy, immune-boosting foods with the world. Their tempeh provides individuals with the protein they need to feel satiated and productive throughout the day!

Meal Hack: Halvah Cookie Dough Protein Bar to Nice Cream

Hungry for a frozen treat? Take your halvah cookie dough protein bar and turn it into nice cream.

Meal Hack: Crisp Japanese Yuzu Salad to Noodle Bowl

Transform your Japanese yuzu salad into a hot noodle bowl in just a few steps.

Jayleaf: Farming, Family, and the Future

Driven by a passion for farming inherited from his parents, Jose Ornelas marries the quality of organic vegetables with a focus on the future and sustainability of farming.

Hodo Foods: Sharing Our Love for Delicious Plant-Based Protein

Whether you are omnivorous, vegetarian, or vegan Hodo Foods works to bring all eaters minimally processed, plant-based, organic protein.

Meet Our Farmers + Food Crafters

Learn more about our Farmers + Food Crafters - we work closely with them to bring high quality, sustainably sourced food to your meals.

Thistle’s Favorite Vegan Proteins: A Guide

Getting your vegan protein just got easier with a guide to our favorites.

Say 'Yes' to Healthy Vegan Comfort Foods

Since we all need comfort now more than ever, we've rounded up four of our favorite vegan comfort food recipes that are satisfying and healthy.

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