Farmers + Food Crafters

Farmers + Food Crafters

Banza: Not Your Mama’s Gluten-free Pasta

Meet Banza Pasta ‚Äď a gluten-free Thistle menu ingredient with great taste, texture, and nutrition.
Farmers + Food Crafters

Your Super: Powering Recipes with Superfood Mixes

Say hello to Your Super, a health food company we work with to blend together superfood-fueled smoothies.
Farmers + Food Crafters

Cool Foods: Bacon for All

Ever wish that bacon was plant-based and more sustainable? Look no further than Cool Foods' pinto bean bacon. And, it's delicious!
Farmers + Food Crafters

King of Mushrooms: Foraging for Fungi and More

Todd Spanier, the King of Mushrooms, turned the family hobby and serious passion of mushroom hunting into a successful business, sourcing choice culinary mushrooms for everyone from top chefs to home cooks.
Farmers + Food Crafters

Young Kobras: Gluten-Free Goodness & So Much More

Meet Young Kobras, a gluten-free bakery focusing on taste and health.
Farmers + Food Crafters

Mininger Foods: Putting a Rainbow on Your Plate

Say hello to Mininger Foods, a family-owned farm that grows delicious sweet potatoes included in Thistle’s veggie bowls, savory dinners, and sweet snacks.
Farmers + Food Crafters

Star Anise Foods: Noodles Made Right

Meet Star Anise Foods, a food crafter spanning two continents, who provides Thistle with delicious brown rice noodles.
Farmers + Food Crafters

Meet Our Farmers + Food Crafters

Learn more about our Farmers + Food Crafters - we work closely with them to bring high quality, sustainably sourced food to your meals.

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