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TropiKale Green Smoothie Recipe

Loved this smoothie in your delivery? Now you can make it at home. Kale, tropical fruit, and apple juice, and top it with homemade goji coconut granola.

Golden Mellow Smoothie Recipe

We've partnered with Your Super and their Golden Mellow Mix to create a deliciously decadent smoothie filled with Ayurvedic herbs & adaptogens, including turmeric & ashwagandha. The Golden Mellow smoothie sits on top of vanilla chia pudding and is sprinkled with a zesty, crunchy granola.

Brownie Batter Smoothie Recipe

One of our most delicious and decadent smoothie recipes that is basically a mix between chocolate pudding and brownie batter - what’s not to love!

Chunky Monkey Smoothie and Granola Recipe

Learn how to make the most delicious smoothie + granola!

Power Smoothie Ingredients to Start the Day Energized and Alert

How to power up your day with a power smoothie.

Thistle's Favorite Juice Hacks

New & creative ways to incorporate Thistle's organic, cold-pressed juices into your daily diet!

Raw Foods For Your Health

Adding more raw foods to your diet can result in increased health and wellness. Thistle provides plenty of raw food options that are both nutritious and delicious-learn more in this post!

Plant-Based Breakfasts: Beyond Cereal

Kick your cereal habit with these plant-based breakfast suggestions.

7 of Our Favorite Nut Butters & Creamy Spreads

A rundown of our favorite types of nut butter and creamy spreads.