It’s time to look at the glass as half-full because a delicious discovery has been made here at Thistle. It happened one afternoon as our team was chowing down on some lunch, sipping our favorite Thistle juices. A brilliant idea dawned upon us… What if we spiked our juices? (Not right then, of course. But maybe 5:01 pm?) It would taste delicious, right? How could it not?

The culinary team raced to their desks and began to draft recipe ideas. Building on a few classic cocktails, they were able to shake up three new amazing drinks using Thistle juices. Because our juices are made from cold-pressed fruits and veggies, they’re naturally filled with vitamins like Thiamin, Riboflavin, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K. You can read more about our juices here.

thistle juices for cocktails

Okay, now what you have been waiting for — the recipes! These naturally flavored cocktails are made with our Coral, Breeze, and Spark juices. Final note for any at-home mixologists: the culinary team wants to share that Lava goes great with vodka and Autumn pairs well with Tequila.

Thistle’s Summery Assortment of Cocktails:

  1. Strawberry Daiquiri

3 oz Coral Thistle Juice

1/2 oz Freshly-squeezed lime juice

2 oz White Rum

Add strawberry garnish

** Try it shaken or blended with ice

  1. Mint Gimlet

3 oz Breeze Thistle Juice

2 oz Gin

Add cucumber garnish

** Serve shaken

  1. Spicy Sunshine

3 oz Spark Thistle Juice

2 oz Bourbon

Add lemon garnish

** Serve with ice

Hit the patio or stretch out on the grass and enjoy the sunshine with a summer-y Thistle cocktail in hand. A boost of nutrients, no need to sweeten, and a taste that’s beyond delicious. Sign up using the code SUMMER20 online here, and have our juices delivered to your door.

To happy, healthy drinking — cheers!

Jun 20, 2019