Dani Levy-Wolins

Dani is a registered dietitian who completed her undergrad at Oregon State, her masters at Northeastern, and her dietetic residency at Alta Bates Summit Hospital in Oakland, CA. Her background is split between geriatric care and sports nutrition, having worked in both nursing homes and athletic facilities.

Ask a Dietitian, Volume VII: Protein Recommendations and Dietary Solutions

Discover protein insights for perimenopausal women with active lifestyles, optimal protein intake, the cholesterol-NAFLD link, IBS-friendly sources, and personalized dietary solutions with Thistle's expert guidance.

Ask A Dietitian, Volume VI: Cholesterol Management, Diabetes-Friendly Choices and Understanding Sugar

Discover expert advice on cholesterol, diabetes-friendly meals, sugar metabolism, vegan protein, oxalate concerns, and healthier dietary choices in Ask A Dietitian Volume Six.

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Polyphenol rich-ingredients can support longevity. Here’s how to add them to your diet.

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Thistle Meals are Packed with Prebiotics and Probiotics. Here’s Why They’re Good for Your Gut Microbiome.

Explore the health benefits of Thistle Meals enriched with prebiotics and probiotics to nourish your gut microbiome.

Ask A Dietitian, Volume IV: Understanding and Optimizing Food Choices

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6 Nutritious Summer Ingredients to Add to Your Plate

Discover the delicious flavors of summer with our seasonal menu featuring antioxidant-rich basil, fiber-packed strawberries, and vitamin C-loaded pineapple, source seasonally to embrace the peak of taste and freshness.

Ask A Dietitian, Volume III: Unlocking Optimal Nutrition with Thistle's Registered Dietitian

Thistle's Ask a Dietitian Series Volume III dives deep into questions on fiber, protein, blood sugar, and cholesterol.

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