Kathleen Nio

Kathleen Nio is a Registered Dietitian with a BS in Clinical Nutrition from the University of California, Davis. She has fostered a deep passion for food and teaching through her 10+ years of experience leading culinary tours, cooking classes and interactive demonstrations.
Recipes + Meal Hacks

Lemon & Coconut Energy Balls Recipe

Full of protein, fiber and a touch of sweetness, these bright and tangy energy balls are a perfect post-meal treat or midday pick-me-up!
Recipes + Meal Hacks

Homemade Oat Mylk Recipe

Making plant mylk at home is an easy and affordable way to enjoy fresh mylk that is free of fillers, thickeners and preservatives.
Recipes + Meal Hacks

Meal Hack: Oatmeal to Waffle

Turn any of our Thistle oatmeals into a waffle for a fun breakfast treat!
Recipes + Meal Hacks

Golden Mellow Smoothie Recipe

We've partnered with Your Super and their Golden Mellow Mix to create a deliciously decadent smoothie filled with Ayurvedic herbs & adaptogens, including turmeric & ashwagandha. The Golden Mellow smoothie sits on top of vanilla chia pudding and is sprinkled with a zesty, crunchy granola.

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