In light of International Women’s Day, we’re taking a moment to thank the women at Thistle who make the company what it is.

COO and co-founder Shiri Avnery

“One of my top priorities is to ensure that Thistle is empowering for all of the incredibly intelligent, strong women that work here. We have female leadership at the highest levels in almost every department, and they have the autonomy and mandate to drive forward change. I’m really proud of the highly talented women that comprise 50% of our engineering team, which of course is traditionally underrepresented by women. And I’m also really proud of the many women who’ve joined us early on, worked hard, and risen to more senior positions or to different roles entirely. Ultimately I think we’ve created a culture where women have a strong say in determining what they want out of their job, their career paths, the direction of their departments, and ultimately the direction of the company.”


We asked the women of the Thistle office, what does healthy, empowered living look like to you?

haley nutritionist at thistle

“Since going to school and working two jobs, Thistle has been a lifesaver! I really do enjoy cooking, but this past year and a half, I haven’t had much time to do that. With Thistle, I feel confident that I am eating whole, local, organic, nutritious foods — and all the ingredients are clearly laid out on the labels so you know exactly what you are putting in your body. It’s so great to be able to eat healthy without having to plan, worry about overspending, or wasting food! I’ve been able to focus on school and my career while eating foods that keep me energized to do it all!”

Christina culinary development at thistle

“I love knowing I’m getting delicious, fresh, organic, nourishing meals that make me feel strong and satisfied throughout the day. I do yoga every day and so having my daily dose of Thistle not only assures me I’m getting the fuel I need for my workouts, but also saves me time so that I can devote quality time to my family, and friends.”

COO and co-founder of thistle Shiri Avnery

“I don’t know how I would manage without Thistle. Between work and taking care of an amazing, energetic toddler, there’s hardly any time for anything else. And I’m so grateful I don’t need to spend what little time is left worrying about planning healthy meals, shopping, cooking, and cleaning up every night. Thistle allows me to allocate that time as I need to — whether more time with Nava and Ash or all to myself at a yoga class. :)

Thistle allows me to take care of myself so I can take care of my business and my family. It’s an act of self care that I don’t even have to think about, and that makes me feel energized, focused, and set up for success each day.”

“I feel empowered by making healthy eating and life choices — each choice is a little act of self-love and respect. I mostly follow a vegan lifestyle, but some days, I also allow myself to eat what I’m craving. I believe listening to what my body wants is the best thing I can do to be healthy.”

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Mar 5, 2018