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Health and Wellness

Show Some Love by Eating Organic

In this post, we’ll explain the basics of organic food and discuss what it all means for you and your health, for the planet and for your fellow humans. We’ll also cover Thistle’s approach to organic foods and explain how our food delivery service fits into a healthy and environmentally sustainable lifestyle.
Health and Wellness

Plant-Based Breakfasts: Beyond Cereal

Our break down of the best plant based breakfast options, from fruit-forward smoothie bowls to protein rich tofu and chickpea scrambles.
Health and Wellness

What to Eat For Your Workout Meals

Get Thistle’s tips for a best pre workout meal and a best post workout meal, all with an emphasis on plant based protein.
Health and Wellness

Treat Yourself This Valentine's Day

No matter how you feel about Valentine's day, we would like to remind you that self-love is the best kind of love, so perhaps let it be an excuse to be truly compassionate to yourself. Here are some ways to take care of you on this, or any day, of the year. Plus, a bonus Thistle recipe for our delicious flourless chocolate cherry moringa bars.
Health and Wellness

Re-Writing Your Relationship with Food

This Heart Month, join us for a series of posts exploring different perspectives on what it means to have a healthy heart, whether it means loving our bodies, re-evaluating our relationships to food, or protecting our planet. Our first topic of discussion: a good, hard look into our modern-day relationships with food, how they might be harming us, and how to break free of a potentially toxic relationship.

Plants + Protein: A Winning Combination 

Protein. We know we need it, but do we know the best way to get it? And how much do we need to thrive? Some think a heaping plate of meat is the only way to get the right amount of protein to keep your body working properly. Many people scoff at the idea of getting protein from plants. But here’s the truth: everyone needs protein, and plants are some of the healthiest and most versatile sources of protein around. 
Health and Wellness

Healthy Meals: A Moving Target

It’s hard to keep up with health fads. Even the federal government has changed its healthy meal guidelines again and again...and again. While scientific studies offer a better understanding of what makes a meal healthy, clever marketing and ever-changing captivating claims compete for our attention. Let’s take a look at three of the last century’s most dominant health food trends. Over time, what has constituted a healthy meal, and why? 
Thistle News

Introducing the new Thistle Flex Plan!

We’re thrilled to introduce a new way to customize your Thistle subscription! Our new plan, Thistle Flex, is designed so that you can get your favorite Thistle items in any amount, when you want them. Whether this means ordering Thistle add-ons without having to also order meals or choosing vegan and meat options for your family under the same subscription, Thistle Flex is here to make things easier for you.