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Southwest Sweet Potato Taco Salad Recipe

Make our popular Southwest Sweet Potato Taco Salad at home for your next party - it's definitely a crowd-pleaser.
Recipes + Meal Hacks

Mango Cilantro Lime Dressing Recipe

The sweetness from the mango and the heat from the jalape√Īo makes for a wonderfully zesty dressing - perfect for a variety of salads.
Recipes + Meal Hacks

Cashew Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls Recipe

Enjoy these vegan cookie dough balls raw or bake them into warm cookies - either way, these delicious little bite-sized treats will satisfy your sweet tooth anytime.
Recipes + Meal Hacks

Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Rich, decadent, and plant-based, this chocolate mousse is easy as it is delicious
Recipes + Meal Hacks

TropiKale Green Smoothie Recipe

Loved this smoothie in your delivery? Now you can make it at home. Kale, tropical fruit, and apple juice, and top it with homemade goji coconut granola.
Recipes + Meal Hacks

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Pie Recipe

Warning: this dessert is dangerously delicious and easy to make. And, the ingredients are all pantry staples which means you can make it any time.
Recipes + Meal Hacks

9 Plant-Based Tips for a Memorable Thanksgiving Meal

Nine tips to make your Thanksgiving meal delicious for everyone.
Recipes + Meal Hacks

Juice Hack: Blue Frost Cocktail

Chill out with this Blue Frost cocktail made with our Vibrant Veggie juice, rum, coconut cream, and a few more ingredients.

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